I’ve been super busy actually living so I feel like I haven’t even had time to think, let alone write, in the past couple of weeks.  After Greece (I did go to Athens but there are no pictures worth posting) I went to Italy to visit a friend for a few days, which was amazing but really tiring, and now I’m back in London. For most of August I’ll be in Prague with all my old friends, so I can’t wait for that. Hopefully there WILL be pictures from there.

Now that I feel I’ve had a sufficient amount of time to lie on the couch with my computer doing nothing productive I can get started with this blog again. I know I’m only halfway through my holiday, but the past few weeks have gone by so fast that I feel like summer’s already ending. I’m not ready for it to end. I feel like I’ve had the most balanced summer this year – I’ve read a few books, lazed around at the beach, spent time with my friends, done some reckless stuff – so it’s not like I feel I’m spending my time the wrong way, but there are some things I thought I’d make time for that I haven’t yet – doing more writing, art, and, of course, the schoolwork that I am cramming into the last week. I am dreading September, because it means not only going back to boarding school, but also loads of IB work, uni applications, admissions tests, and just a seemingly infinite list of things to worry about.

So, the only thing that can get me even remotely excited for fall (other than the fact that I’m turning 18!) are cloooothes. I’ve fallen in love with Hel Looks and have been going through their archives obsessively for the past few days. I love the aesthetic of Scandinavian style – the unexpected silhouettes, natural textures, muted palettes. I think fall is the perfect season for it, and I think I’m gonna be spending a lot of my time in puffy sweaters and baggy jackets and coats. Here are a few of my random favorites:




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